... sketches and illustrations

Our pictures not always have been developed by computer. Lovely hand drawn sketches are enriching the third volume of Unkrautland or emblazing the sightscreens of the Unkrautland-Boardgame. And for those who are wishing even more, there are lots of PDF-Prints for download at the Unkrautland-Webpage (for all the small artists and Unkrautland-fans).

Illustration from “ Unkrautland - Vol. 3”
Playing dice with cavetrolls

»Well«, Plim explained in a purring manner, »you surely have to roll two identical numbers. Only in that way a real professional will be recognized.« She gave them an alluring look. »But amateurs like you can't do this. Only I can.«

Unkrautland Vol. 3 - Peaks of Sulphur Pinnacles

Sketch (not used)
Primus at the telescope

Primus twinkled. The bright spot wasn't caused by the happy Hilldwarfs, because in his hurry Primus had turned the telescope much too far to the right side. Instead the telescope aimed exactly to the dark Moonwater Lake, where a little boat was swimming.

Unkrautland Vol 1 - Traces of the White Fairy

Sketch for the Unkrautland-Boardgame
Miss Plim at work

Plim stood in front of her cauldron and appeared to be very cheerful. From time to time she scurried over to an open book that lay on a table below the window. She was probably studying a recipe or another devilry. She grabbed some herbs, crumbled them with her hand over the cauldron and eagerly stirred the bubbling broth.

Unkrautland Vol 1 - Traces of the White Fairy

Advertising for Miss Plims Beauty-Shop
Taddel und Mills

Inside their preserving jar the two toads shook in laughter. They applauded and held their wobbling bellys. »Taddel and Mills!«, Plim shouted. »You two  old shelf warmers shut up at once. I will surely get an idea of any recipe I can use you for.« But that threat only caused the fat toads even more laughter.

Illustration from “Unkrautland - Vol. 3”

I didn't took long until Primus and Plim struck it. Cause high above, at the end of the groggy chimney, the two discovered a scrubby nest containig a mysterious figure. That figure was tall, quite astonishing thin and kept standing upon just one leg. It's head, the strange fellower, had hidden beneath a hood under where a long beak was poking out.